Every time I travel back to Mumbai, India, I have to try out all the restaurants, old and new but there is one place that stands out the most. Khyber is located in the heart of the bustling town of Mumbai Center. I remember the ambiance being very inviting and the food was delicious Mughlai cuisine. Mughlai consists of dishes developed in the medieval Indo-Persian cultural centres of the Mughal Empire. It represents a combination of South Asian cuisine with the cooking styles and recipes of Central Asian and Iranian cuisine. The walls were painted with the Mughal era designs of Indian history. I was filled with warmth as multiple waiters served me with mesmerizing food. The taste stays vividly in my mind.


I have been living in the United States since my teenage years and I have visited many restaurants throughout the country.  Some good and some not so good.  The quality of restaurants change over time, especially when great chefs move from restaurant to restaurant in their own career progression. The other challenge I found was that over time, my own palettes and taste for authentically spicy Indian food also changed. Having lived longer here in the United States than in Mumbai, my preference and tolerance for extra spicy foods impact the way Khyber Kitchen prepares our cuisine.  I am not alone in this as I have met many South Asians who share the same sentiments as I do around authentic Indian cuisine. 


I wanted to present our patrons select favorites to choose from on the menu to keep the quality, consistency and signature tastes memorable for customers. We cater to diverse palettes and wanted the opportunity for food lovers to enjoy familiar flavors with a new twist on Indian cuisine.


My brothers and I started Khyber Kitchen, inspired by the memories of my favorite restaurant in Mumbai and the desire to share Mughlai cuisine inspirations. As our community is becoming more diverse and our cuisine is following this trend, customers are looking for palatable cuisines and something different to try.  Our food caters to most locals where they don’t necessarily get the traditional Indian cuisine or Middle Eastern cuisine, but a fusion of both. We welcome our neighbors in Silver Spring and throughout the Washington, D.C. area to try our fusion cuisine. We are confident you will want to come back again and again, as I did with my favorite restaurant in Mumbai named Khyber.